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yCRV Interface Guide

DeFi can look complicated, but like any new technology, the best way to get comfortable with it… is to use it. This short guide will take you through the steps to start earning that sweet sweet yield with yCRV. Are you ready anon? Let’s go.

You'll need a browser wallet and some ETH in it to pay for gas fees. You'll also need some CRV in your wallet which can be bought at your favorite exchange like CowSwap, Uniswap, Binance.

So, with Eth and CRV loaded up, let's find out how to start earning supercharged yields.

Connect Wallet with yCRV interface

1) Click "Connect Wallet" in yCRV interface

2) Select your preferred wallet and confirm the connection

3) If you see a wallet address instead of "Connect Wallet" you are connected!

How to zap from CRV or yCRV to any of the 3 types of reward tokens

As yCRV is the base-token and carries no native yield or voting power, you'll likely want to position yourself into one of the three activated-tokens.

1) Go to yCRV interface and decide which token you want to zap to. You can zap from either CRV or yCRV:

- [**st-yCRV (Staking Rewards):**](#staked-ycrv) [yVault]( that receives admin fees and bribes from locked CRV.
- [**lp-yCRV (Liquidity Pool Rewards):**](#lpd-ycrvcrv) yVault for CRV/yCRV LP tokens, autocompounds emissions and fees.
- [**vl-yCRV (Curve Gauges Voting Power):**](#voting-with-ycrv) Vote power mechanism to vote on Curve gauge weights. 

2) Choose your desired position:

3) Approve the contract:

4) Execute the swap:

How to migrate from yveCRV and/or yvBOOST

yCRV and its ecosystem tokens are a redesign of our previous yveCRV and yvBOOST tokens (which are no longer supported), however if you hold these tokens, you can easily migrate to the new tokens.

1) Select the token you want to migrate from in yCRV interface:

2) Select the token you want to migrate to:

3) Chose the amount (max will be filled already) and approve the contract:

4) Execute the swap:

How to withdraw lp-yCRV

If you want to exit from lp-yCRV use this URL:

We are working on implementing this operation in yCRV front end, but currently it's only available in the above link, follow the image below for reference: