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yPRISMA Overview

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What is yPRISMA?

yPRISMA is Yearn's latest liquid locker, built for Prisma Finance's governance token (PRISMA). Let's review the basics of liquid locker tokens like yPRISMA:

  • They represent 1 vePRISMA max-locked to Yearn
  • They are not redeemable for the underlying locked PRISMA
  • They have no transfer restrictions and thus can always be swapped in DEX pools

Governance for Prisma is controlled by vePRISMA, a locked token position that grants users voting power, fee revenue, and boosted PRISMA emissions.

Because all PRISMA emissions come as locked vePRISMA, it is often inconvenient for users who want to avoid managing their position or want to cash out. yPRISMA aims to offer users a tokenized version of this position, giving them instant liquidity and auto-managing governance participation to maximize yield.

Earn Yield on yPRISMA

Yearn has 2 ways to earn yield on your yPRISMA; depositing to the YearnBoostedStaker contract to earn mkUSD or depositing to the yPRISMA Auto-Compounder V3 vault to earn more yPRISMA. The intricacies and details are documented here. Once you know which path you want to take, you can follow the step by step guide here.

More questions Anon? Head over to the FAQ.


Core Protocol

Rewards Distributor0xc480b481dD194EAc469EC9c4484D23d54B868EDD
yPRISMA Fee Receiver0x76DF88Aa8711822472Cb40Ed8c972A461A20ecdc
Boosted Staker Utilities0xf04037D102b64E365eF6Eb81937bDf59B31fE5B8
yvyPRISMA Vault/Token0x10537D7bD661C9c34F547b38EC662D6FD482Ae95
yvmkUSD-A Vault/Token0x04AeBe2e4301CdF5E9c57B01eBdfe4Ac4B48DD13

Expired Farms and Contracts

*legacy yPRISMA0xfd37356c1a62288b32Fa58188c77Ab0D694a0f4E
*yPRISMA Staking (yvmkUSD-A rewards)0xE3EE395C9067dD15C492Ca950B101a7d6c85b5Fc
*yPRISMA Staking (wstETH rewards)0x774a55C3Eeb79929fD445Ae97191228Ab39c4d0f
*yPRISMA Staking (dYFI rewards)0x93283184650f4d3B4253ABd00978176732118428
*yPRISMA LP Staking (yPRISMA rewards)0x6806D62AAdF2Ee97cd4BCE46BF5fCD89766EF246
*yCRV Staking (yPRISMA rewards)0x84c94d739e075b3C7431bdb1A005F0412DF828a5

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