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yCRV Overview

What is yCRV?

yCRV is Yearn's veCRV yLocker product. It is designed to tokenize the different benefits of a veCRV position in a simple, user-friendly way. Let's review the basics of liquid locker tokens like yCRV:

  • 1 yCRV represents 1 veCRV max-locked to Yearn
  • They are not redeemable for the underlying locked CRV
  • They have no transfer restrictions and thus can always be swapped in DEX pools

yCRV allows Yearn to use your CRV tokens optimally within the Curve ecosystem to boost yields across all products and earn rewards from admin fees and voter incentives. Depositing to yCRV also allows Yearn to use the locked CRV to actively participate in Curve governance.

For more information about Yearn's Liquid Lockers, read the overview here.

Get yCRV

yCRV is a wrapped version of CRV. But unlike other wrapped tokens like WETH, it cannot be unwrapped as it is forever max-locked into the veCRV system. But, unlike veCRV, it can be swapped on DEXes.

If you have CRV tokens, you can convert them to yCRV either by minting yCRV at a 1:1 rate at You can also buy yCRV with CRV (or another token) using CowSwap, which may get you a better rate.

Earn Yield on yCRV

Yearn has 2 ways to earn yield on your yCRV; depositing to the YearnBoostedStaker contract to earn crvUSD or depositing to the yCRV Auto-Compounder vault (yvyCRV) to earn more yCRV. The Differences and details are documented here. Once you know which path you want to take, you can follow the step by step guide here.


The names yvyCRV and st-yCRV refer to the same thing: The Auto-compounding yCRV vault. Websites and services may still use the old name (st-yCRV). We are working with ecosystem projects to change the name to yvyCRV universally, but until then, if you have concerns about your assets, be sure to check the contract address.

yCRV Deployment Addresses

Current Addresses

Contract NameContract Address
yCRV Boosted Staker0xE9A115b77A1057C918F997c32663FdcE24FB873f
Rewards Distributor0xB226c52EB411326CdB54824a88aBaFDAAfF16D3d
Boosted Staker Utilities0x265c8D21A322B04804524b857089De2fEF619569
yvyCRV (Auto-Compounter Vault)0x27B5739e22ad9033bcBf192059122d163b60349D
yvcrvUSD (crvUSD Vault)0xBF319dDC2Edc1Eb6FDf9910E39b37Be221C8805F
lp-yCRV v2 (vault)0x6E9455D109202b426169F0d8f01A3332DAE160f3
CRV Token0xD533a949740bb3306d119CC777fa900bA034cd52
yCRV Token0xFCc5c47bE19d06BF83eB04298b026F81069ff65b

Expired/Deprecated Addresses

Contract NameContract Address
lp-yCRV v1 (DEPRECATED)0xc97232527B62eFb0D8ed38CF3EA103A6CcA4037e
old CRV/yCRV Curve Pool (DEPRECATED)0x453D92C7d4263201C69aACfaf589Ed14202d83a4