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What is yBribe?

yBribe is a platform where vote-escrowed Curve (veCRV) holders can receive compensation from buyers interested in increasing CRV emissions to their Curve pool’s gauge.

In DeFi, incentives for voting are commonly referred to as ‘bribes’. yBribe enables veCRV holders — be they protocols, DAOs, or individual users, to extract the value of their voting power.

yBribe pairs users looking to buy votes, with those looking to sell them.

Curve conducts weekly gauge votes that determine the allocation of CRV rewards to various pools. By buying votes, DAOs, protocols, and users can influence the direction of these rewards while boosting yields in pools beneficial to them. To do this, use the ‘Offer Bribe’ function on yBribe. Once the bribe is posted, voters will see the pending APR for that gauge increase.

veCRV holders can sell their gauge votes to the highest bidder each week by voting on the bribed gauge with the highest APR.

Why yBribe

yBribe is fully trustless, permissionless and non-custodial

  • A new UI makes it easy for veCRV holders to identify the best opportunities.
  • Convex votes are excluded from the system to make bribes more efficient.
  • Fully trustless design and 100% on-chain design.
  • The codebase is fully audited.