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Proposal Repository

Yearn Improvement Proposals (YIPs), Yearn Delegation Proposals (YDPs) and Yearn Signaling Proposals (YSPs) are all tools that token holders use to maintain and grow the protocol.


34Add Synthetix (SNX) to yVaultsSubstreight
52Make Strategist Skin in Game Partner for Make Benefit of Glorious Brain of Yearnbanteg, lehnberg, milkyklim
65Evolving YFI Tokenomics (veYFI)0xJiji, banteg, daryllautk, HAtTip3675, onlylarping, vany365, Wot_Is_Goin_On


0YIP Purpose and GuidelinesYearn Community
1Minting more YFIAndre Cronje
10Transitionary YFI Only VotingRewkang
12Reducing the quorum for accepting proposalcp287
32Remove YFI burningSunil Srivatsa
33Add LINK to yVaultsfranklin
35Distribute Donations vs Purchase YFIAndre Cronje,Klim K
36System rewards as operational capitalAndre Cronje, iTo, n00b, Artem K
37Participate in CRV governance and 2.5x CRV reward boostAndre Cronje, Artem K
38Distribute / Keep Balancer RewardsKlim K
39Add Curve sBTC Pool LP-Tokens yVaultuhmpeps
40Replace inactive multisig signerscp287, Artem K
41Temporarily Empower Multisigtracheopteryx, Joe Mahon, franklin501, Michael Anderson, Vance Spencer
44Improve YIP categoriessam bacha
45Add a bounty for proposing YIPs that are implementedSunil Srivatsa
51Set Vault v2 Fee Structurebanteg, lehnberg, milkyklim, tracheopteryx
54Formalize Operations Fundingbanteg, lehnberg, lex_node, milkyklim, tracheopteryx
55Formalize the YIP Processfranklin
56BABY: Buyback and Buildlex_node, tracheopteryx, Artem K, Klim K, Ryan Watkins, lehnberg
57Funding Yearn's Futurealeks-blockchaincap, Artem K, dudesahn, ekrenzke, lehnberg, Klim K, Ryan Watkins, srs-parafi, tracheopteryx, vooncer, yfi-cent
59Temporarily extend Multisig empowermentlehnberg
60Airdrops to Yearn Vaultslehnberg
61Governance 2.0tracheopteryx, lex_node
62Change Two Multisig Signerstracheopteryx, banteg, lehnberg, milkyklim
63Fund Builder-First Legal Activism DAOAndre Cronje, tracheopteryx, lex_node, Judge Jowday, S. Brennan, Birdman_Haxxor
66Streamlining contributor compensation0xJiji + 14 authors from the Compensation group
67Contribute to the Nomic FoundationFrancoNomic
68Rotate multisig signersbanteg
69Reduce and cap fees through yRates0xJiji, banteg, flashfish, jiji, jmonteer, newmickymousse, saltyfacu, wavey


2Burn YFI for feesAndre Cronje
5Reducing YFI weekly supplyDamir Bandalo
8Halving YFI weekly supply the same as bitcoinsteamer.eth
14Yearn Rewards ReserveYieldBouncer
30YFI Inflation ScheduleSubstreight, DeltaTiger, Hannes Graah, Daryl lau, yfi_whale
31YFI Inflation DistributionSubstreight, DeltaTiger, Hannes Graah, Daryl lau
42Add RenBTC to yVaultsAzeem
43Improve YIP categoriesSam Bacha
64Adjust fees on non-stablecoin yVaultswavey, philbert, saltyfacu

For current proposals, please visit Snapshot